how to chose the right pillows for your space

Alice Pillow- amy+mayd

I always gravitate toward colorful pillows because I feel like they are simply an art piece for your furniture. They help accentuate your design personality by making your furniture stand out and when arranged with care, brights and patterns can be a joyful compliment to neutral furniture.

Tara Pillow- amy+mayd

Tara Pillow- amy+mayd

I like to choose pillows that are colorful but also have fun quirky details. I love pillows that have personality like bows, ruffles and trimmings on the edges. I also love to incorporate vintage or upcycled fabrics from old quilts or unique stitching in pillows I make because it gives the pillow a bit of a story, something that is not easily duplicated. Pillows can add a lot of eclectic persona to your home simply because they each embody so much style.

Jeanette Pillow- amy+mayd

Once I find a group of two to four colors that I’d like to stick with I look for a few pillows with prints in these colors and a few solid pillows in the same color scheme and maybe one or two with some really amazing hand sewing or intricate detail of some sort. In order to decorate with so many different types of pillows, I have to keep at least one thing consistent, this is usually done with the color scheme but can also be reinforced with the shape of pillow or the theme.

Lanette Pillow- amy+mayd

Lanette Pillow- amy+mayd

If you are on the look out for something a little less bold, try pillows of the same shade or a slightly varied monotone but that are composed of different fabrics. Texture is a wonderful way to add visual interest and flair without being overly “loud” in a room. Personally, I am just a fan of  loud accessories, I love items that are out of the ordinary and leave you wondering… “what’s going on with that couch???”, but in a good way!


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